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Choose the minibus service that's top of the league

When match day comes around, you don't want to have to think about transporting you and your friends or family. You just want to have a good time! By choosing Sheffield Taxi Services and using our experienced minibus service for your organised group travel, you don't have to worry about a thing, including the price.

Get the most out of your day

Our minibuses are not only ideal for transporting a large organised group of passengers, but they're also equipped with cutting-edge wheelchair lift technology. This means that disabled passengers can also see their favourite sports team play without having to worry about the journey there.

Our competitive prices mean that your cost per head is incredibly affordable and you don't even have to worry about expensive parking fees.

As well as transporting spectators, we can also transport sports teams. Our minibuses can seat up to 22 passengers and are ideal for football or rugby teams.


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Enjoy your favourite sporting events even more with Sheffield Taxi Services' professional minibus hire. Call us today on 0114 272 0000

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